10"x8" Pastel, framed


Description of Spring in Madison Square

St. John’s Church sits on the west side of Madison Square in Savannah’s historic district. My first attempt at painting this scene was done on site. This one was done in my studio after studying several photos and remembering the beautiful azaleas that were in bloom.

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Babs (& Hiram) Johnston
Iris—We’ve been trying to think of a “more personal way” to honor Mike’s memory. Purchasing this piece seemed “just about right” for us at this time. I hope you & that feisty man of yours would both have agreed on that. If not — probably not the first time. I can see & hear him now just shaking his head in an ornery way saying,”Oh well, you’re gonna do it any way. Just go on and do it!” Love you, Girl. Carry On. . . b

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