18"x18" Pastel, framed


Description of Rivers of Iris

Rivers of Iris is the latest addition to the gardens at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens in Savannah GA. The 51-acre horticultural attraction boasts ornamental gardens and pick-your-own berry fields. As part of the University of Georgia Extension, CGBG promotes coastal-lowcountry gardening and horticulture to the public.

Historic bamboo groves and trees planted in the early 20th century are found at what locals affectionately just nicknamed “the Bamboo Farm.” Historically, it was a USDA plant introduction station, starting in 1919. Today, this newly developing regional botanical garden contains a regionally renowned camellia and cold-hardy palm collection as well as pick-your-own berry fields. Ornamental gardens include a cottage garden, extensive camellia trail, xeriscape garden, water garden, rose garden, Mediterranean garden and shade garden by the lakes. One greenhouse displays orchids.

CGBG is the perfect spot for plein air painting year round. The figure in the painting is my art buddy who didn’t know she was going to be my model.

To learn more go to:  http://www.coastalbg.uga.edu


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Wanda White
Iris, I just love your work. My eyes get excited every time we see a message from dayoubart. You are so multi-talented. What a gift! You should know that I think of you and Mike and give thanks everyday as I put a dollop of honey on my oatmeal.

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