12"x12" Chinese Watercolor, framed


Description of Blue Iris Garden No. 2

Shuan paper is produced in Jin County, Anhui Province. There are two kinds of Shuan papers – raw and mature. Raw paper is untreated, soft and very absorbent. Mature Shuan paper is made by applying alum to both sides of the raw Shuan paper. It is also soft, but not absorbent. The paper I used for this painting is Mature Shuan paper.

The inspiration for the painting came from packaging used for some Iris perfume by Fragonard made in 2016 that I had totally forgotten about and just happened to find a few days ago.

The painting is 10 x 10, matted and framed in a frame that holds 12 x 12 art. The outside of the frame is 13 x 13.

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