Originals can be purchased directly from this website, or you can contact me by phone (912.598.0018) or email (iris@dayoub.com).

Shipping is customized according to the type of art you purchase. Shipping and handling will be by UPS sent COD.

Most of the originals are not framed so that you can personalize your purchase. If you would like help in choosing a frame, I would be happy to work with you to purchase a frame through FrameDestination.com. I like their website because we can see how the actual artwork will look framed.

Unframed original pastels are covered with a type of paper that keeps them from smudging.  We recommend framing pastels under glass without mats but using spacers to keep the artwork from touching the glass. Original watercolors look their best when framed with a mat.

At the urging of family and friends, I decided to expand my offerings to include fine art paper prints of my works. These prints are matted and sized for either 16 x 20″, 11 x 14″, or 12 x 12″ frames. Original paintings were photographed and printed using fade-resistant inks on heavyweight matte archival paper.

Matted Prints Pricing:

  • 12 x 12″ — $40
  • 11 x 14″ — $45
  • 16 x 20″ — $65

Paper prints are also available matted and framed in a professional wood frame. Prices depend on the type of frame, mat, and glass.

Greeting cards can be customized to fit your needs. You choose the artwork and decide if you want it blank inside or to personalize your message. Pricing depends on the type of paper but usually cost around $3 each, including envelopes. We use Red River Paper. For help choosing the perfect paper for your personalized cards, go to this website: Guide to Greeting Card Papers.