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Trump Media

by Iris Mack Dayoub in Mike's Musings

Our local school, Armstrong State University, here in Savannah, has a “62 Plus” program that allows enrollment of senior citizens at no cost on a space available basis.  Because of a long-term interest in pottery I enrolled in the program.  The Art Department Chair, John Jensen, a truly outstanding potter, ceramist, and artist encourages individuality so classes are never boring.

One past assignment was to construct something off-beat with a subtle point to it.  Another senior citizen classmate constructed a ceramic tire for a vehicle that had a sculpture of her dog laying on it, thus illustrating the concept of “Dog Tired”.  Similarly I realized that I could create a sculpture incorporating an unused, then modified, satellite dish as a base.  I sculpted a monkey, lying back, holding a satellite remote to illustrate the concept of “Monkeying with the Remote”.   It turned out that monkey hair appears in a lot of forms and I could not think of an appropriate hair arrangement for the monkey.  It then occurred to me that a hairdo like our president’s would be unique.  My mentor, Mr. Jensen saw my effort and then commented that the mouth was wide but our president’s is not.  Of course not.  It was a monkey, not the president.  I also heard comments that the statue was asexual.  As a conciliatory gesture I added small breasts.  In order to avoid the easy way out by covering the body with hair I clothed the monkey and added a watch and a necktie.  The tie is rather long and away from the body so the problem of asexuality was solved by adding a tennie weeny peenie that can be seen by looking under the end of the tie.  The title to the piece is therefore “Trump Media”.  Something that our president should truly approve of and we can all be proud of.

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